Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow... snow... and yet more snow!

I thought I would do a quick post while having a well earned coffee break. It seems that my Canadian roots are determined to punish me for moving here as we've had snow fall off and on since last Wednesday evening. Last night brought the greatest amount yet to our place so I've already spent an hour helping my husband shovel so he could head off to the hospital where he works. And that was filled with high drama as it has even been thundering and lightning! He managed to narrowly miss the gate post as he slid out the drive but I have aged in the process! And still the snow falls...

our snow covered garden, 29 Nov., 2010
I was so hoping to finish the Hoopoe design in time for the exhibition at Saltwell Towers next month. Since the snow is determined to continue, I think the smart thing to do now is just resign myself to the fact that I'll be exhibiting only three items. Shovelling takes far too much energy but is a necessary evil seeing as my Hubby is an essential care worker. I haven't got the strength, or time now, to do everything so the decision is made. Meanwhile, I'd best get back out there so Hubby will have half a chance of parking the car again later on.

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