Monday, 29 October 2012

New business strategy

Finally! I've had a good think about my business strategy and have now changed several areas of my blog to reflect it. That strategy is to focus more on designing and let others do the selling. In other words, simplify!

Craft fairs and markets are fun and give me plenty of opportunity to talk with people but the sales simply aren't offsetting my expenses. It isn't good business sense for me to continue that way so I'm pushing to find stockists and other creative opportunities for selling my patterns instead.

I will be placing a few new designs on my blackwork page (see the tab above) over the next few days. If anything interests you before I find stockists, by all means contact me (see the More about me tab above). Although I'm not planning to continue the mail order service that I was doing before, I am willing to make the odd exception.

As before, I will continue to update you through this blog so you can access the information at your own convenience.

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