Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Final Blackwork Taster Session

This Friday, the 24th of Feb., is the final blackwork taster session in my series at St. Mary's Heritage Centre in Gateshead. The links tell you all about the session and the venue.

I would also like to hear from local people (Gateshead and surroundings) with an interest in blackwork, whether or not you are already experienced. There is a possibility of starting up a blackwork stitching group at St. Mary's Heritage Centre in the future if any interest is shown. The cost will probably be £1 a person for use of the venue plus donations for any tea and coffee that is consumed. Each person would provide their own stitching materials. I see it as an opportunity for people of all levels of experience to help each other out as well as have a good natter. If this appeals to any of you, let me know. Things I particularly need to know are:
  • what day of the week suits you best (providing a time slot is available at the venue)
  • best time of day (providing a time slot is available at the venue)
  • maximum length of stay
  • how often you would like to meet
  • how soon you would like to start
  • would you be interested in working on a group project for display at St. Mary's Heritage Centre  (not mandatory)
I haven't got a specific project in mind at the moment but I have seen the exhibition work done by another group who meets there regularly. I have yet to consult with the staff about this idea but I would approach them if any of you are particularly keen to try it out. I'm thinking it just might add some extra interest to the meetings, especially as skills grow.

Please contact me at the e-mail address in my profile (it's more likely to be picked up by spammers if I include it here) if this is something that appeals to you.

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