Monday, 6 December 2010

Saltwell Towers Exhibition

I was desperate to have my stitched designs hanging in the cafe at Saltwell Towers before visitors arrive for the Enchanted Park event, starting this coming Thursday (9 Dec.). I therefore scrutinised every weather report over the weekend, and fashioned a sledge of sorts in case my artwork had to travel any distance over snowy paths. I even contemplated hitching my neighbour's dog (he's the size of a small horse!) to this sledge. However, the snow stayed away, and the Council made some headway with clearing streets and paths. So, I was able to deliver my artwork as planned when I booked this time slot several months ago.

They are still desperately trying to get the Enchanted Park set up before Thursday so I'm not sure if my stitched designs are on the wall quite yet. However, I was promised that they would be hanging there in time for the event. Samples of my patterns can also be found on the window sills if you'd like to have a look before purchasing. Those of you who wish to purchase patterns need to contact me in order to do so as the Administration Office at Saltwell Towers no longer provides that service.

So, with a sigh of relief, I am signing off for now in order to get on with some other pressing business.

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