Thursday, 1 April 2010

Stall at Morpeth Gathering

Well, I've pretty much sorted out the page tabs at the top now. There will be the odd bit of information and a photo or two added here and there, but they are basically complete. These page tabs contain the information that is most likely to be revisited over time. It saves you scrolling through all the posts trying to gather the information each time.

Now... if I could just figure out what goes wrong with the formatting each time, I'll have it made! I find I have to keep dumping information into a text editor before transferring it into these posts and the pages. Otherwise, I end up with huge gaps between paragraphs and a different size font with each post. It's maddening!

But enough of the trials set to try me. I will be attending the Morpeth Gathering from 9-11 April, 2010 inclusive. I'll have a table set up inside the room housing the craft exhibition at the Morpeth Town Hall. The organisers charge a small fee to enter the exhibition area and you can find this information in the program section of their site.

My Spring at Cragside and Saltwell Park charts will be on sale there. I will also be demonstrating cross stitch and possibly even some blackwork so feel free to stop by and have a chat with me. Maybe you are struggling with a particular stitch that you are using in one of your cross stitch or blackwork projects? I bet French knots will feature heavily... (smile). I am happy to help guide you, and will also bring along some of my favourite reference books for browsing purposes.

Hope to see you there!

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