Friday, 11 December 2009

After the first markets

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who bought my charts this week. It is much appreciated. Hopefully, you are now spreading the word in order to generate some more interest in them. ;-)

This has been a busy week for me. I started off by testing a couple of markets in the area, and am now chasing up some leads from them. Designing involves more than just designing... sales and advertising are important too. Watch this space as I think some developments on the point of sales front will be happening soon. I don't think there are going to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in! However, I needed to start somewhere, and now I have some ideas for spreading my wings a bit.

I am not keen on sending out advertising flyers as I think most of them end up in the recycling bin unread. (They certainly do in my house!) I want to make wise choices about how I spend my money as well as the impact my business has on the environment.

So why have I had my charts printed you might well ask? Well, it is the most traditional medium used by stitchers. I also suspect that most people will end up printing them out from a computer file anyway, rather than work from the computer screen. I can control the type of paper used this way - the commercial printer I go to uses recycled paper. I will eventually have the charts available on-line. Having a third party print them for me got me up and running in business faster than would have happened had I used the internet. There are a lot of regulations to sift through, especially with regards to accepting credit cards, and other such complications before I can properly operate my own e-commerce site.

I also attended a couple of free income tax related workshops hosted by the HMRC. These were very good, and I can go back as many times as I need to, also for free. Having submitted many an income tax return in Canada, I can honestly say that the British one is going to be a lot easier to complete. Two weeks vs approximately 30 minutes to do... what can I possibly say?

Well, it's time to get to work here so it's 'bye for now.


  1. Looking great, Linda!

    Since I'm such an idiot when it comes to all these modern stuff about computers and the internet, I'm very easily impressed when seeing people taking advantage of these technologies.

    When and if you eventually make it in a big way, and have too much money to spend, feel free to send some over to me, I won't complain, I promise!... hehehe.

    Congratulations, my friend. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Just like stitching, the more you practise with the technology, the easier it will become. Next thing you know, you'll be earning lots of money from it for yourself.