Sunday, 8 June 2014

Art Tour in the North East of England

Yesterday saw the start of the Art Tour in the North East of England with a variety of art studios opening to the public around the region. I don't have a studio as such so I'm not participating in the tour itself this year. However, I have placed two pieces of my work in the Network Artists North East showcase exhibition held at Queen's Hall in Hexham until June 21st, 2014.

I seem to have jinxed the weather by announcing the glorious start to the day yesterday on my Facebook page. (You will need to login in order to see it.) I was hoping the sunshine would inspire people to get out and about to see the work of the many artists here in the North East of England. However, true to form, the heavens opened at start time and then proceeded to fall relentlessly throughout the afternoon.

Today appears to be going much the same way with a glorious sunny start followed by ominous looking clouds rolling in. Torrential rain really isn't very inviting when it comes to a Sunday drive around the region. It's such a shame as so many people have worked very hard to get ready for the tour. And some are not open throughout the entire tour so you don't want to miss them altogether. So, my fingers are crossed for the rain to hold off much longer today.

Must end this for now as there isn't a lot of time left before my next exhibition starts in Gateshead. I'll post more here about that as the time approaches.

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