Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thomas Bewick Exhibition

A lovely time was had demonstrating blackwork yesterday on the first day of the Thomas bewick exhibition at St. Mary's Heritage Centre in Gateshead as you can see from this picture taken by June Holmes.

I have chosen several subjects from Thomas Bewick (and his apprentices) prints to turn into textile postcards. Patterns will become available as I complete my samples. I find it helps to stitch them as I design them so problem areas can be refined before passing them on to my customers.

The exhibition is running until the end of May so there is still plenty of time to catch it. What appears behind me is only a small part of the actual exhibition. There are lots of extras to go with that as well about which the staff at St. Mary's Heritage Centre will be only too happy to tell you when asked.

You'll next find me there on May 12 at which point I should have at least one or two more of these postcards actually finished. No pressure on myself! You may wish to return a few times to see them actually grow between May 12 and the end of the month. I am happy to chat as often as you like!

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