Monday, 4 April 2011


It seems strange to not have to dash off in a rush after last week's hectic schedule. Although it is nice to relax, I am missing the buzz that always accompanies such events. I really enjoy chatting with everyone who stops at my table.

Most of the conversations centre around the following statements too:

  • I have so many unfinished or yet-to-start projects that I resolved not to buy anything new this time. But I saw this wonderful new pattern that I simply couldn't resist...
  • I have stitched so many patterns now that I have run out of space to hang them.
  • You should see the drawers full of projects that I have yet to start!
  • I have so many yet-to-start projects that I've had to hide them away so my husband won't question me when I bring home even more!
If I had a pound for every time I heard one of them, I'd be rich!
    But I have to admit to being exactly the same way. Perhaps worse though... After all, I'm adding to the pile by designing my own!

    Speaking of designing, I must crack on with another one I'm doing with the Morpeth Gathering in mind. So, I shall end with my thanks to all of you for making my time at the Pins & Needles show such a delight.

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