Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Seaton Delaval Hall blackwork pattern is now available

The debut for my Seaton Delaval Hall blackwork pattern has now passed so I've been working a bit on this blog today. I have added a Blackwork Patterns tab so it is easier to distinguish between the two types of designs. I have also updated my photos of the various patterns with their stitched models.

I will be applying a facelift to the How To tab over the next few weeks as I work on my next design. At the moment, this tab acts mainly as an example of what to expect in the way of instructions inside my patterns. I would like to expand this area into a better teaching aid. Cross stitch and blackwork lend themselves well to demonstration so I hope to add some videos. I think that will be much easier to follow than the written word in most cases.

I have also been experimenting a bit with some Google business features. I have to admit, despite a computing background, I have actually struggled with this. Although I have finally worked out how to use Google Places and Google Maps, I don't think they are going to be as useful as the theory first suggested. The updating process is so slow that new information falls out of date before it can appear in the maps listing, if it appears at all. Whether or not it attracts more custom is something I will be monitoring over the weeks to come. Meanwhile, I certainly won't be giving up my blog!

Other features I want to look further into include the free website that Google advertises, and Google Talk. I was asked by a stitcher, on the weekend, if she could call me if she got stuck with anything in my pattern. This prompted me into thinking how useful it would be to show the person rather than try to talk them through it over the phone. Skype allows free video calls providing both parties have an account with them and web cams with their computers. The account is also free to set up. I already have Skype and am hoping that Google Talk works in a similar fashion. It's a step on from both the telephone and videos because you can ask a real time question and get an answer that is tailored specifically to your situation.

So, there are lots of plans afoot. I'll do my best to regularly update this space but I do have a mini-exhibition coming up early in December (Saltwell Park) so I'm going to be a bit busy for the next couple of weeks. After that I should have more time to work my plans out in a sensible fashion.

Bye for now!

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