Sunday, 4 July 2010

Work in progress

At last, I have advanced enough with my new design to be able to post some progress pictures here for you. I started this while participating in a stitch-a-long hosted by the Cross Stitch SAL group on Facebook. I am interpreting Thomas Bewick's "Hoopoe" print in cross stitch and blackwork.

I began with the cross stitch although the normal practise in blackwork is to start with an outline. Since I am doing this on 14 count Aida, it was easier to stitch it this way around.

I finished the cross stitching on the crest a little later in the day...

I then applied the backstitched outline of the bird and long stitched the beak.

The next stitch-a-long happened towards the end of June. I was concentrating on other aspects of my business during the intervening time so not a lot of progress was made. It also coincided with a rather busy craft market but I did manage to finish the feet and legs. I also started outlining the wing in the foreground.

Meanwhile, I managed to make a lot of progress during yesterday's craft fair. I haven't quite finished the blackwork on the bird but that should take only 10 minutes or so.

I want to use a French knot for the eye. Also, I'm debating on some modern style blackwork for the background. Thomas Bewick featured each animal with an environmental background so I would like to include a representation of this as long as it doesn't overpower the bird. So, there is at least one more progress picture to follow...

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